So what makes St James’ Square Law Firm different?

Well, we’re not really doing anything that we feel shouldn’t be done already. However, what makes us different is that we have created a full service commercial law firm from scratch, from a very specific wish list, which was shaped from our combined experiences of legal practices across the region and beyond.

St James’ Square is the product of all of the questions we asked ourselves during the planning process.

How do we centre everything around the client and offers a Rolls Royce service for a fraction of the price?

How could we utilise technology to streamline the business?

How can we make sure that the great people we employ feel valued, appreciated and supported?

We answered all of those questions and incorporated the solutions into our strategy to ensure that we excel in all of those things.

To us, St James’ Square is the ideal commercial law firm.

Our clients are at the forefront of what we do and receive an excellent service which is fairly priced,

Our system is efficient and streamlined.

Our employees are our family.